Friday, February 27, 2015

Nothing New in Pure Water?

On occasion we'll get a call and a comment that will stick with me.

Yesterday a window cleaner called up and said their 'water-fed pole equipment supplier' told them their really isn't much new going on right now in pure water.

I'd suggesting looking around a bit harder if you're not finding innovative products in the pure water window cleaner sector.

Its easy to say that one size fits all when it comes to pure water systems, but its simply not the case.  There are a large number of variables associated with picking a system for your company.

DI only?  
Dual RO?  
Single User?  
Multiple Users?  
Tank Systems?  
Soap needed?

Have a look at the latest in pure water innovation from RHG Products here:

For nearly 10 years we've been innovating for the professional window cleaner.  From wall mounted RO/DI production systems for filling tanks to simple DI carts, RHG has it all.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Water-fed Pole Safety

Great care should be taken while using a waterfed pole. The following are a number of topics to be aware of while using a waterfed pole.
Trip Hazards (trailing hoses): Due to the nature of waterfed poles, there is constantly a hose running across the jobsite. It is important to mark these areas with signage to let others in the area know about the presence of trailing hoses.
Trip hazards (while using the poles): Due to the fact that you will often be looking up while operating a waterfed pole it is important to know your surroundings. Tripping while moving equipment can and will occur if you are not careful.
Slip hazards (water left on ground): Often times there will be standing water left behind from using a waterfed pole system. Either from runoff from cleaning the window or from RO systems concentrated water streams. It is important to mark these areas with signage to let other know of the standing water.
Slip hazards (freezing water in colder temperatures): In the winter it is especially important to be aware of standing water due to its ability to freeze on the ground. It is a good idea to pack ice melt in your vehicles in the winter months so that you can apply it to these areas. It is important to use proper signage to let passerby’s know about the presence of water on ground surfaces.
Electrocution (overhead power lines): Be sure to take care while working near overhead power lines. All waterfed poles can and will conduct electricity.
Electrocution (lightning storms): It is best to go indoors during power storms. All waterfed poles can and will conduct electricity.
Possible electrocution from shorts or faulty wiring in solar panels: Great caution should be taken when cleaning solar panels due to the presence of electricity. Consult with an expert regarding solar panels before cleaning them with a waterfed pole.
Daily equipment checks: It is important to visually inspect your waterfed pole for any visual problems with the equipment. Any problems should be repaired before continuing use.
Injury from falling objects: Be aware of your surroundings and check your equipment regularly for loose parts.
Injury from falling poles: Be aware of your surrounding and know that if your pole comes down it will come into contact with something or someone that is not aware of where you are working.
Injury to self from incorrect handling of equipment
1. Reducing fatigue (techniques): It is important to use proper technique to reduce the risk of fatigue and/or injury. When working at lower heights (25’ or so) it is possible to rely mainly on your arms to do the work. But as you begin to work at greater heights, it becomes more and more important to use your legs to help reduce fatigue. This is done by stepping towards and away from the building, using your body to move the pole/brush up and down the window and less of your hands.
2. Proper handling (lifting, lowering, repositioning): The proper way to extend a waterfed pole is by placing the brush head up against the building and extending it upwards. While doing so, it is important to have the brush head on the building to support the pole and weight. Larger poles may need to be lifted differently with the assistance of a 2nd person. This method is called footing. To properly lift a larger pole, simply extend a number of sections and have one person put their foot at the base of the pole. Then have the 2nd person begin to walk the pole up into the air towards the person footing the pole. Once the pole is upright the person footing the pole should lift the pole and lean it onto the building. To lower the pole simply collapse it via the clamping mechanism or have a person foot the pole and slowly walk it down. While using the ‘footing’ method as with any other circumstances, it is important to be ware of your surroundings. Be especially aware of any power lines in the area as contact with power lines will cause electrocution and possibly death.
Recovering a pole that has started to fall: Occasionally a pole will begin to fall in use if the operator is distracted or even if the wind happens to flare up without notice. To recover a pole that has begun to fall while in use it is best to step in the direction of the fall to attempt to recover the pole and bring it back to a vertical position.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Looking for a bit more water flow out of your RO/DI system?

What if you could run 2 poles off of your system and get jobs done in half the time?

The Booster Pumps from RHG Products are perfect for this.

Available in electric or battery power we have perfected the booster!

Boost your inline water pressure to your water powered RO/DI with RHG booster pumps, allowing you to work at previously unreachable heights or add a second operator on your single water powered system.
Our 110v model features a 5.5gpm rotary vein pump designed to boost your system pressure by 100psi. Bypass protection is built in to protect your equipment and keep you at your work area. A throttling valve allows total adjustability. The 12v model carries a 5.3gpm diaphragm pump, with 90psi bypass designed into the pump. A battery box is included, designed for a 9″ wide deep cycle battery. Battery not included.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Looking for a solution for your pure water feed hose that goes between your RO/DI system and your pole hose?

Look no further!

Introducing the Hand Carry Reel with 100' of 3/8" hose from RHG Products Company.

A heavy duty aluminum frame holds a steel powder coated reel with 100' of 3/8" hose.  This is an excellent way to reduce set up and tear down time at your job sites, while also helping you maintain order in your vehicle.  The 3/8" hose can handle 300 psi and has a heavy duty brass male garden hose fitting crimped on.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Looking for a truck mount pure water window cleaning system?

Look no further than the Fill N Go from RHG Products.

The Fill N Go Truck Mount Spot-Free Water Systems have been engineered for the window cleaner by a company with a window cleaning industry background.

The Fill N Go Truck Mount Spot-Free Water Systems features an industry best 1:1 recovery rate.  That means less down the drain and more RO water for your application.

The Fill N Go Truck Mount Spot-Free Water Systems feature RHG's Serviceable Housings and integrated Quick - Connect Fittings.

The Fill N Go Truck Mount Spot-Free Water Systems utilizes RHG's 12volt pumps.  Pumps designed specifically for our application.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

H2Pro - RO Only Mode

So you are looking into pure water systems for window cleaning?  Well there has never been a better time to take the plunge.  Earlier this year RHG introduced the H2Pro range of pure water systems
to the US market place.  The units have been a big hit and we have made some improvements on the original range with the new range that have just been released.

Starting with the inlet/outlet manifold.  The manifold is now positioned on the side of the system so that when you lay it down to operate it you have easy access to the water hook ups.  In addition to the standard inlet, outlet, and bypass connections, the new H2Pro range also features an RO Only Mode.  This allows the user to produce RO only water when the cleaning application does not warrant DI water.  For example cleaning solar panels, alucobond style panels, house washing, etc.  Basically anything that is not looking glass (windows) can be cleaned in RO Only Mode.  This leads to a great savings in operating expense of the system vs. running always in RO/DI Mode.  Switching from RO Only Mode to RO/DI Mode is as easy as turning a valve.

The H2Pro Range is available in both a water pressure only version as well as an electric powered version.

Those looking for a system to run multiple operators off of at the same time will want to look to the electric powered version or purchase the RHG Battery Booster Box to boost the incoming water pressure into our water pressure only version.

For more information regarding the H2Pro Range, visit HERE

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gardiner Pole Systems goes Direct?!

Gardiner Poles have been available in the US for a number of years now via Reach Higher Ground, Inc. (RHG Products Company).  Most of the time these poles were sold in the US they were offered by window cleaning supply houses via RHG Products, but at one time they were sold directly by Reach Higher Ground.

Well, the time has come for Gardiner to make a move in the US and sell their poles direct via a distributor and an E-commerce style website.

When the decision was made by Gardiner, we at RHG thought long and hard about how we would handle the situation as our products in the US and around the world are sold through dealers and this would obviously disrupt some things.  In the end we decided that we would step in and handle the distribution of the poles in the US as we have been working with Gardiner since before they even had their own pole brand!

Here is the link to the storefront.

Below is a statement from Alex Gardiner, the Director at Gardiner Pole Systems as to why they made the decision to sell direct in the USA.

It has always been Gardiner Pole System’s marketing policy to have a direct retailing presence in each country that we sell into. When we introduced the Gardiner range of poles to the US market with RHG it was on this basis that RHG sold these items directly to the US consumers. Just as General Motors dealers are not best suited to selling Ford products we felt that a single dedicated outlet would be best suited to our unique products rather than a retailer who had split loyalties.
At no time did we want RHG to act as a wholesaler to other distributors. It was against our better judgement that we allowed a wholesaling structure to come into existence in the US market alone. This was done at the bequest of other US based distributors who wanted to be able to offer all pole ranges in their catalogues and websites. We have not allowed this to happen in any other market including the UK, where we still have just one retailer for the entire range within England (currently the worlds largest WFP market). The benefits of this ‘single retail outlet’ approach for the end user have been many – dedicated service from the manufacturer, lower pricing to reflect the true value of the item and full range availability rather than just the few items that other distributors want to offer.
We put up with this ‘less than ideal’ arrangement for several years and finally towards the end of 2012 decided that we wanted to take back control of the Gardiner range and return to our original and preferred retailing model. It had become apparent from the incredibly slow sales in the US that the current distribution model was not working for us or our products. Sales of Gardiner products in the US had virtually stalled with no real volume being achieved throughout the whole of the 2012 sales year. We also saw our products being offered by most US retailers as a way of attracting clients who were then being sold other more profitable (for the retailer) lines. The reason for manufacturing, designing & promoting our products is not to then have this impetus used to make sales of other ‘me-also’ & ‘copy-cat’ products.
In January 2013 we announced the decision to withdraw from the previous wholesale distribution arrangement and gave notice to RHG that we would  no longer be supplying them with our range on this basis. RHG at this point would cease to be our distributor from the 1st of April 2013. Due to our long working relationship with RHG, Gardiner Pole Systems then offered RHG the first chance to be Gardiner Pole Systems in the US with a new direct retailing opportunity. We already had in place several other options for providing this arrangement within the US market if RHG decided not to continue with us. RHG after some thought decided to take up our new retailing offer.
Gardiner Pole Systems was started to help window cleaners carry out WFP window cleaning as simply, easily and most cost-effectively as possible. Whichever country the window cleaner is in we still are passionate that this should be the case. We firmly believe that reverting to our original retail arrangement in the US will ultimately benefit those that really matter in our industry – the Window Cleaner.

-Alex Gardiner