Saturday, September 26, 2009

Xtel Poles

If you haven't already been, I'd like to introduce you to the Xtel line of waterfed poles.

In 2008 RHG was the first to introduce the entire line of Xtel poles to the United States.

Having sold this product longer then any other, RHG is known as the authority on this product line!

In addition to the best prices on this economical product line we offer the widest selection of accesories for the poles.

The Xtel range is available in many sizes and several different materials.

The materials include, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and a carbon and glass fiber mix.

The fiberglass is the most economical of the 3 materials, but has the most flex.

The carbon/glass fiber mix, or hybrid, is stiffer than the fiberglass and weighs slightly less.

The carbon fiber is the stiffest and is slightly lighter than the hybrid.

To date RHG has sold many hundreds of these poles to window cleaners in the United States and Canada.