Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Benefits of hot water pure water systems

With the weather turning colder in many areas of the country, most pure water operators are having to pack up the waterfed pole equipment.

This is due to the fact that their hoses will freeze and systems will not operate in below freezing conditions.

I have been using a hot water trolley based system for nearly 2 years now. This system allows my window cleaning company to continue using pure water in conjunction with our waterfed poles through the winter.

Yesterday morning I went out to clean windows and the temps were only in the 30's. Normally this would mean that we would not be able to utilize our waterfed poles. But because we invested in a hot water system to heat our water we are able to use the waterfed poles all year long. (In the attached photo you can see the steam coming off the window)

Using hot water is not only a benefit in the winter, but all year as the heated water cleans better then cold water.