Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I've BEEn sabotaged!

While out cleaning windows last week, I apparently hooked up my inlet hose from my pure water system to a hose bib that had a colony of bees living inside of it.

I noticed an extreme lack of water flow and pressure at the job, but just thought it was the supply. It was enough water to get the job done so I just went on and did it.

Yesterday I went to use the system again and there was nearly no water flow or pressure. I took apart one of the fittings on the inlet side of the unit and discovered that there were about 12 or so dead bees in there. This morning I get to tear down the entire machine and clear out the rest of the buggers.

I'm not sure if they have made their way into the RO membrane or if they are all stuck on the way into the unit and in the pre-filters, but I'll know soon enough.

Here's the tip- Turn the water from the hose bib on before hooking up the hose. This will ensure that anything in the hose bib will be flushed out first.

I learn something new, nearly everyday.