Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Reach' Around Gooseneck User finds new use for improvisational tool

Hello all.

During this year we have received many notes and calls from the users of the 'Reach' Around Gooseneck telling us how they are utilizing this great tool.  The following information and photo is from Wayne Miller of 805 Window Cleaning of Ventura California.

Wayne, like many other window cleaners struggles with bee pollen droppings on windows.  When using a waterfed pole many times its not easy to get these tough stains.  The 'Reach' Around Gooseneck is one of those tools that came about to deal with issues like this.  The 'Reach' Around allows the users of waterfed poles to attach an accessory tool to the backside of their pole.  Many window cleaners are attaching a doodlebug (swiveling scrub pad holder) along with white scrub pads to the 'Reach' Around to attack stubborn stains like the bee pollen.  
Wayne has affixed a tennis ball to his 'Reach' Around and to that he has put a piece of a white scrub pad.  What this does is allow for scrubbing in a concentrated area.  Putting more pressure on a small spot vs. a larger area like a doodlebug does.  Wayne cut an X into the tennis ball and the slid it onto the 'Reach' Around.  He then glued the white scrub pad piece onto the ball with some waterproof adhesive.

Pictured is a Hybrid Xtel pole with a 'Reach' Around Gooseneck.

Thanks to Wayne for this great story and if you have a story you would like shared with the world, send it along.