Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back by popular demand!

One of the first products we offered at Reach Higher Ground, Inc. is a 'Do it yourself' RO/DI kit.

We had previously stopped offering the kit, but the recent demand for the kit from us caused us to re-list it on our site and once again make it available.

It is the most cost effective way to acquire a commercial set up.  Because this is a kit of the raw components needed, the end user is able to set the kits up however they like.  We've seen users mount them to tow behind trailers, in their vans/trucks/cars, and ever to little garden wagons so that they can be pulled around job sites.

Here is the description from our on-line store.

Commercial RO/DI set up.

Comes complete with everything you need to produce pure water.

4 Stage purification process.

Kit includes
Sediment Filtration-Removes particulates up to 5 micron
Carbon Filtration-Removes harmful chlorine from water
40" RO Membrane-Removes 98% or more of impurities
40" DI cartridge-Removes remainder of impurities 
Inline TDS meter-Measures water after RO and DI
Pump-Keeps water pressure constant and produces 1 GPM

On/Off Toggle Switch

System works off of 12v battery all you have to do is hook up your water supply and battery.

Of course along with this kit we also have available waterfed poles from Xtel and Gardiner Pole Systems.