Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Standing on the shoulders of giants

For some time now I have been meaning to write these thoughts out on the page, but have never thought to do so while actually sitting down at the computer.

The recent conversations about the IWCA, MWCoA, AUWC, and WCR have brought these thoughts to the surface again for me.  When I saw the text in Chris Lambrinides' email that stated 'Waterfed Expert - Shawn Gavin' I knew now was the time to get this out there.

Often times I find myself being guilty of losing perspective and having to pull myself back down to earth.  Its often easy to take what we know about this trade of window cleaning for granted.  I myself have countless window cleaners to thank for my position in this industry today.  I try to do this when I make appearances in various locations around the country.  

While in California at JRacenstein last year for an RHG/JRC waterfed demo day I looked out into the group of window cleaners and couldn't help but recognize the ones that have been key to my success publicly.  There in the audience listening to me where a number of veterans who I look up to and in the past have called upon for guidance.  Craig was there as well as many others from the MWCoA.

There is a long lineage of window cleaners who have paved the way for those who are up and coming.  The internet has changed everything for those of us lucky enough to have it at our disposal at this point in our lives/businesses.  The learning curve has been all but erased compared to the trial and error that those who have come before us had to get through.  

I think its important to recognize those who have come before us and paved the way.  

The window cleaning hall of fame is a great way of doing this very thing.  http://www.windowcleaninghalloffame.com/ 

The work that goes into associations like the IWCA, AUWC, and MWCoA is immeasurable.  Many times its easy to say, this group does nothing for me or my money was wasted in that group, etc.  But the reality is that these groups are all run by volunteers, taking time from their own businesses to help the industry at large.  I have spent the last year involved heavily with the IWCA.  Traveling to regional events around the country where safety programs and meetings are taking place amongst the BOD and committee personnel.  Countless dollars spent out of individuals own pockets, all to better their fellow window cleaner.

The MWCoA puts on a number of events that are FREE of charge for window cleaners, that doesn't happen without volunteers and sponsor dollars I'm sure.  

The industry would not be where it is today without the countless hours that have been volunteered by those who have come before.  We undoubtedly are standing on the shoulders of giants.  I challenge myself and the next generation of owners to keep this in perspective.  After all, to whom much is given, much is expected.

Here's to an incredible year!