Thursday, March 4, 2010

RHG - Wages War on Mediocrity

It was several years ago when I debuted the first RHG mobile pure water cart. The 'Reach' 5 Stage RO/DI cart it came to be known as. The system shook up the very foundation of the waterfed industry in the USA. We were copied we were accused, but through it all we prevailed!

Next week in Maryland at the MWCoA event, I will be unveiling one of FOUR new carts from RHG. Our beloved 'Reach' 5 Stage RO/DI carts will be put to rest and a new generation of mobile window cleaning machines will again be setting the standard by which all others will be measured.

These systems range from entry level to high end commercial units. Each one of the 4 will set the standard and outperform every other system on the market in its respected class. Long gone will be the days when a 5 foot tall system is needed to make enough water to run multiple poles. Long gone will be the talk of 'how is yours different from theirs'. The dawn of a new day is coming!

Stay tuned as RHG engages war on mediocrity!