Friday, July 23, 2010

Large shipment of poles due in AND some info about the RHG EZ-Snap RO/DI System

We have yet another large shipment of poles due in within the next couple of days.

The SLX and CLX poles have been selling incredibly well since their release earlier this year.

You will not find any sale prices on these poles on RHG's website, but you will notice that the retail price on our hybrid 27' is only $375.00!!

We are also very close to unveiling our sub $2,000.00 RO/DI cart.

This cart will redefine what has been done with filter systems in our industry. RHG is once again proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are the leader in pure water innovation.

It features a first of its kind system that allows users to change the filters out in the field with no tools. You wont have to open any housings to remove DI cartridges, or need large wrenches to open the sediment or carbon housings.

All the fittings snap together and the filters simply snap into place.

Our first batch of these carts is being private labeled for JRacenstein. When they learned of the project they wanted to be the first to offer it.

Attached is a sneak peak at the labels!