Sunday, August 29, 2010

Benefits of a Hogs Hair Brush

They go by the name, hogs hair, boars hair, pigs bristle, and more.

But whatever you call them, they are far more superior at scrubbing the glass than the average nylon bristle brushes.

Hogs hair is a natural fiber and does a much better job scrubbing the glass than nylon bristles because the natural fiber grabs the glass. This 'traction' helps to break down the soils and other organic matter on the glass.

The brushes are preferred by many for 'cut up' windows as well. The soft natural bristle gets into all the nooks and crannies that tend to hold dirt.

RHG was the first company to develop a boars bristle brush that would thread onto the UK based waterfed poles. We set the bar pretty high with the design and quality of this brush and we guarantee you will love it.

They are available in a 12" and 16" version.