Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Own a pure water system? Maintenance is key.

Anyone who owns a multi-stage pure water system knows they are an investment.

Filter maintenance is a key component to keeping your pure water system up and running at its peak. Its a bit like changing the oil in your vehicle. If you choose not to for 50,000 miles you will pay dearly.

I had a customer come in today to see us at the shop. He drove 12 hours to reach us to take a look at why his system wasn't making water any longer. The flow had all but stopped, even with the aid of his pump.

After pulling the filters we found that they were all clogged. The system had clearly not been maintained in quite some time.

After replacing the filters the system once again produced large amounts of water, even without the pump on. This customer spent a fairly large amount of money on getting his system up and running again. Not to mention the days spent traveling to get the system to CO and back.

It is important to maintain your prefilters. Pull them periodically and look them over, even if the pressure gauges are stating that the flow through the prefilters is good.