Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CLX and SLX poles - Now better equipped!

Hello All,

Hope you are having a great week thus far.

Attached you will find photos of how the CLX and SLX poles from RHG are coming when ordered starting today.

They both will include as standard equipment the very popular 'Reach' Around gooseneck. The SLX (full carbon pole) will include a dual jetted (both fan jets and pencil) as well as dual trim brush. These brushes are very popular already and including them on the SLX poles only makes it an even better product.

So should you run into a hydrophobic window with your SLX pole you can simply switch from pencil jets to premium fan jets. Run into a stubborn stain and you can just add a tool onto the back of the pole to get that spot cleaned more efficiently then a brush alone can.

Along with being the lightest and most rigid poles on the market, now these poles are coming fully equipped to handle anything.

I hope this helps make your decision to own one of these quality poles easier.

They are available at our fine distributors.