Monday, April 18, 2011

Indoor Waterfed System - The Dragonfly by Streamline Products

At RHG Products Company we are constantly looking for products to make window cleaning easier and safer for the window cleaner. This product is no different.

The 'Dragonfly' as its called is an indoor waterfed pole system. This system is very well made and we have been impressed with the quality of the product.

It features an 18' Xtel pole that has been outfitted with an internal coil hose and a swiveling microfiber head assembly. The base of the pole has a trigger installed on it and that trigger is attached to a pump that is powered by a small battery. The pump, battery, and small water bottle reservoir are all housed on a belt that is worn by the operator.

The internal coil hose is great because it allows the user to keep all the hose off the floor and work safer. This is a professional kit designed for the professional window cleaner.

Also included are 3 microfiber pads, a battery charger, and a carrying case to keep all your components stored when not in use.

Used in conjunction with pure water this system is awesome for maintenance cleaning of out of reach atrium windows, the interior side of skylights, windows above stairs, and more.

The system is also available in longer lengths utilizing a carbon fiber pole up to 72'

Available at all RHG distributors!