Friday, April 1, 2011

Waterfed poles are too Expensive!

They REALLY are, aren't they?

As a window cleaning business owner I would always look at the cost of a tool and try to determine its value based on my ability to make money with it. How long is it going to take me to make back my investment with this tool. Thats not generally something we think about when it comes to squeegee rubber or handtools because they are generally inexpensive, but when it comes to Waterfed poles, everyone seems to shop around and look for that bottom dollar price. I can't blame you!

RHG imports the best line of poles in the country, hands down! Gardiner poles have proven to be the best and people are willing to pay for the best.

That being said, a waterfed pole of 30' or more is a fairly limited tool in that it generally is made to clean windows on commercial buildings at 30' or higher. This limits your ability to make money with that tool unless you have buildings that you do in that height.

What I love about the Gardiner pole, other than the performance of the product, is that it is VERY versatile.

All of the SLX poles currently come with a removable tip. The tips on the waterfed poles coming out of the UK are all European threads, meaning we can't put a regular squeegee or a duster, or doodle bug on them.

Gardiner has made for us an ACME tip that will insert into the tip of the pole. This allows you to utilize that expensive investment in another way. High dusting inside, christmas light installation on trees, high interior pole work with traditional tools, etc. etc.

Your investment going further.

In addition, they have come up with a carbon fiber gooseneck for the poles as well. Simply remove the ACME or EURO tip and insert the carbon fiber gooseneck. The lightest brush/gooseneck assembly in the world.

These poles really are just awesome!

The Gardiner poles are not the cheapest, but they are the best value.