Saturday, June 4, 2011

What Happened to Reach Higher Ground?

We've received a few calls lately asking what happened to Reach Higher Ground?

The short answer is, everything. The long answer is, we've evolved.

RHG Products Company is a D.B.A. of Reach Higher Ground, Inc. So in reality we are one in the same.

Reach Higher Ground started in 2006 with an email inquiry sent to an online window cleaning forum asking if members were interested in purchasing a particular brand of waterfed pole from me if I was willing to go through the trouble of sourcing it for the members. Shortly there after in October of 2007 I sold the first RHG 5 stage RO/DI unit to Paul Gaston of LEOs Window Cleaning at a window cleaning event in San Antonio Texas.

Since that time we have sold nearly a thousand pure water systems to window cleaners all over the country and throughout the world.

Within the last year, I made a conscious effort to change our business model and thats when RHG Products Company was born. Reach Higher Ground from the beginning was a supplier as well as a manufacturer. This model doesn't work very well in such a tight nit industry as window cleaning. So the decision I made was to work with the distributors and get my products into their catalogs and into the hands of their customers. The goal at RHG Products Company is to not only help the window cleaners, but also the distributors in this industry that I love. We support the window cleaning supply companies and they in turn, support you, the window cleaner. We still take dozens of calls a day from window cleaners looking for help or input when it comes to pure water window cleaning and I love working with them.

Currently RHG Products Company manufactures different systems for a number of companies within the industry and these products are then in turn privately labeled by those companies and sold direct to the window cleaners. We also manufacture our own line of filters that are used on a number of different systems. I am truly blessed to be in the position that I am in at the head of RHG. The company has grown from myself in a garage to a staff of 5 working hard to meet the ever changing demands of the window cleaning industry.

Aside from the pure water systems we make, we also import a couple brands of poles from the UK in addition to lines of support equipment. It is our goal to continually work to find the best support products from around the globe and continue to bring them to the industry.

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