Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Xtreme Range From Gardiner Pole Systems

The pure water window cleaning market is ever changing and when it comes to waterfed poles this is especially the case.

The Xtreme range of waterfed poles from Gardiner Pole Systems 'provides the lightest and easiest way of working available'.  The poles certainly are very light and extremely rigid from our experience with them here at RHG, but perhaps the most interesting thing about the poles is there telescopic AND modular design.

The poles come in 4 sizes.  18', 25', 35', and 47' telescoping lengths.

Each pole size can be lengthened with a modular type section that adds to the base of the standard telescoping pole.

The 18' has a short 4' addition that can be added to make the pole 22'.  This pole is for those who want to absolutely easiest to use short domestic pole, claims the manufacturer.

The 25' can be added to 10' at a time.  2 additional sections take the 25' to 35' another 2 sections take the 35' to 44'.

The 35' can be lengthened to 44' quite easily with the 10' extension kit.

The 47' pole and the 44' lengths can then be added to with 5' extensions clear up to 80' according to the manufacturer.

These poles are quite popular over in the UK and promise to be in the US as well.

Here is a video from the manufacturer explaining the pole range.