Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New and Improved Aqua-Dapters' - On their way to the USA!

New and Improved Aqua-Dapters' - On their way to the USA!

The Aqua-Dapter is an award winning on/off device that saves water, money, and keeps operators safe all the while.

The newest Aqua-Dapters to come out of the factory are the Aqua-dapter® Mk3XL (eXtra Light)

What's Different?

Our latest changes to the Aqua-dapter® Mark 3 make it incredibly light.  By designing and producing our own internal tap, the new Aqua-dapter® Mk3XL is now only approx 125g!

The new tap is not only lighter, but also turns more smoothly making the operation of the Aqua-dapter® even easier.

Now approx 125g:
  • 45g lighter than a Mk3L
  • 55g lighter than a Mk3
  • 90g lighter than a Mk2
The other significant update is to the outlet pipe.  The pipe shown in the picture above (of a Mk3L) is a smooth pipe that protrudes 16mm.  The new outlet pipe is 12mm but also has a barb on on the end to secure the hose that connects to the brush head.  The shorter length and strengthened component makes this much more robust.

Some slight modifications to the plastic components introduced with the Mk3L have also been incorporated, making the unit stronger as well as lighter.

The Aqua-dapter® Mk3XL is available in 4 colours: blue, red, silver and gold.