Wednesday, October 9, 2013

H2Pro - RO Only Mode

So you are looking into pure water systems for window cleaning?  Well there has never been a better time to take the plunge.  Earlier this year RHG introduced the H2Pro range of pure water systems
to the US market place.  The units have been a big hit and we have made some improvements on the original range with the new range that have just been released.

Starting with the inlet/outlet manifold.  The manifold is now positioned on the side of the system so that when you lay it down to operate it you have easy access to the water hook ups.  In addition to the standard inlet, outlet, and bypass connections, the new H2Pro range also features an RO Only Mode.  This allows the user to produce RO only water when the cleaning application does not warrant DI water.  For example cleaning solar panels, alucobond style panels, house washing, etc.  Basically anything that is not looking glass (windows) can be cleaned in RO Only Mode.  This leads to a great savings in operating expense of the system vs. running always in RO/DI Mode.  Switching from RO Only Mode to RO/DI Mode is as easy as turning a valve.

The H2Pro Range is available in both a water pressure only version as well as an electric powered version.

Those looking for a system to run multiple operators off of at the same time will want to look to the electric powered version or purchase the RHG Battery Booster Box to boost the incoming water pressure into our water pressure only version.

For more information regarding the H2Pro Range, visit HERE