Friday, October 3, 2014

Looking for a bit more water flow out of your RO/DI system?

What if you could run 2 poles off of your system and get jobs done in half the time?

The Booster Pumps from RHG Products are perfect for this.

Available in electric or battery power we have perfected the booster!

Boost your inline water pressure to your water powered RO/DI with RHG booster pumps, allowing you to work at previously unreachable heights or add a second operator on your single water powered system.
Our 110v model features a 5.5gpm rotary vein pump designed to boost your system pressure by 100psi. Bypass protection is built in to protect your equipment and keep you at your work area. A throttling valve allows total adjustability. The 12v model carries a 5.3gpm diaphragm pump, with 90psi bypass designed into the pump. A battery box is included, designed for a 9″ wide deep cycle battery. Battery not included.