Friday, February 27, 2015

Nothing New in Pure Water?

On occasion we'll get a call and a comment that will stick with me.

Yesterday a window cleaner called up and said their 'water-fed pole equipment supplier' told them their really isn't much new going on right now in pure water.

I'd suggesting looking around a bit harder if you're not finding innovative products in the pure water window cleaner sector.

Its easy to say that one size fits all when it comes to pure water systems, but its simply not the case.  There are a large number of variables associated with picking a system for your company.

DI only?  
Dual RO?  
Single User?  
Multiple Users?  
Tank Systems?  
Soap needed?

Have a look at the latest in pure water innovation from RHG Products here:

For nearly 10 years we've been innovating for the professional window cleaner.  From wall mounted RO/DI production systems for filling tanks to simple DI carts, RHG has it all.